Ackee and saltfish can also be eaten with rice and peas or plain white rice
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The famous Jamaican Jerk chicken, curry goat and ackee, and salt fish or some of Jamaica’s best cuisines worldwide in 2022.

Jamaica jerk chicken marinated with spices and slow coo over fire or grill
Jamaica jerk chicken

Jerk chicken is a spicy grilled-meat dish most associated with Jamaica but common throughout the Caribbean. Jerk refers to a style of cooking in which the primary ingredient often is chicken.

They are coated in spices and slow-cooked over a fire or grill traditionally composed of green pimento wood positioned over burning coals; the resulting smoke is key to the dish’s flavor.

curry dish that is made from goat meat with spices
curry goat

Curry Goat is made from goat meat. The goat meat is seasoned with a number of spices including the main ingredient which is curry powder. The meat is marinated with a dry rub typically for a few hours or overnight.

ackee and salt fish most eaten for breakfast
ackee and saltfish

The ackee fruit is the national fruit of Jamaica. It was imported to the Caribbean from Ghana before 1725 as ‘Ackee’ or ‘Aki’ is another name for the Akan people, The fruit’s scientific name honors Captain William Bligh who took the fruit from Jamaica to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, England in 1793 and introduced it to science Because parts of the fruit are toxic, such as the arils prior to the opening of the husk at the ripening stage, there are shipping restrictions when being imported to countries such as the United States. Salted codfish, on the other hand, was introduced to Jamaica for enslaved people as a long-lasting and inexpensive protein source.

Caribbean -Jamaican ackee and Saltfish seasoned with onions, tomatoes scallions, red hot peppers
ackee saltfish and tomato sau.t'e with hot red peppers
Ackee and saltfish

To prepare the dish, salt cod is sautéed with boiled ackee, onions, Scotch bonnet peppers, and tomatoes, then seasoned with spices like pepper and paprika.[5] It can be garnished with bacon and tomatoes and is usually served as breakfast alongside breadfruithard dough breaddumplings, or boiled green bananasAckee and saltfish can also be eaten with rice and peas or plain white rice. When seasonings (onion, scallion, thyme, garlic) and saltfish are combined with plain rice it is often called “seasoned rice”, which can be a one-pot meal including ackee.

 ackee and butter bean recipe sauteed with red hot mix with breadfruit,avocado, and callaloo
Ackee & Butter Bean recipe

Here are an ackee and butter bean recipe sauteed with red hot pepper, onions, and scallions
It is served with avocado affectionately known as pear, Breadfruit, and Callaloo. Jamaican world and Olympic
Sprinter record holder in the 100m, 200m and 4x100m relay Usain Bolt often has ackee and saltfish for breakfast According to The Guardian Which is Jamaica’s national dish. 

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