Dancehall Artiste Squash denied any involvement in the Lauderhill shooting that left two dead 

Police make a deadly discovery in Lauderhill, Florida, where two men were found shot to death in a parking lot.  

The incident happened in this residential complex at nine o’clock Thursday  night

 During this investigation, you can see Lauderhill police detectives having their presence out there, and you can

 see blood blue tarp covering one of the bodies. We know that two men were shot and killed there 

Last night and a third person may have been involved. Let’s take you to a video from the scene now so you can get a closer look again. Those two men were pronounced dead at the scene. 

But witnesses told police there was a third person involved in the shooting that had driven off before police got there. We know that shortly after that,  one person wound up at the hospital in Tamarack, they notified Lauderhill police saying that there was a man who had arrived there with a gunshot wound. 

Police haven’t confirmed that that man is the third man that witnesses say was involved in the shooting.

 But they say they are looking into it. I spoke to a woman this morning. She didn’t want to face on camera. 

But she said she “heard gunshots around here before, but never this many at the same time.” 

“I didn’t take it for anything until I heard more shots. And then I said to myself that sounded like shoot out. So I’m really saddened.  

 Lauderhill  Detectives are still here. We didn’t see the medical examiner come through. But the police are asking if you were in that area and if You have any information that can help in their investigation by calling Broward Crime stoppers

They have not yet put out any information on a possible shooter.  

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