Bob marley's grand daughter Selah marley and kanye West

Selah Marley, the daughter of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley and of course the granddaughter of iconic reggae superstar, the late Bob Marley,  is in the news of late. For some very controversial actions that she took with Kanye West. Now, I reported a couple of days ago that Kanye West is obviously taking some heat, which he’s getting in particular in the black community over some clothing that he wore, clothing that he wore also with Candace Owens. We have all seen the shirt cost some outrage. Selah Marley was also one of the participants wearing the shirt and obviously, Twitter went absolutely crazy with that. 

“That you will do whatever it takes to force them back into the box and you feel they should exist in all morality”. “Empathy is eliminated Due to the fact that you feel justified by your emotions, the victim becomes the victimizer”

Being as though her mother is Lauryn Hill, and she’s a Marley and we know the history of Lauryn Hill and We know the history of the Marleys and how pro-black is perceived in their culture. They really are, and Selah Marley had a lot to say about the criticism. She jumped on her social media   and said  the following: “Witnessing someone break free from the agenda sends you all into such a panic.”

You cannot bully me manipulate me or coach me into silence. Nor will you bully me into being who you want me to be. I do not care How many tweets you make”. “You send articles you write throughout all the chaos”. “I have yet to speak on my experience. It’s you know me, you know that Nothing I do is without deep thought and attention”. 

Wait till you hear what I have to say it. Then I believe somebody. I don’t know who it was exactly Start that They were talking to Kanye. I think he’s sleeping. But I’m ready for us to have the conversation. Tell that Kanye what? To text me when he wakes up. So we continue to move this conversation for them providing necessary clarity. Definitely healing that we all 

Are you collectively in need of love You guys, regardless and they say Hey, hey, is this the actual number? This is a sailor, by the way, you may be sleeping, but I think that 

What we did has obviously created a lot of conversation. And I would like us to continue the conversation to illustrate the depth and clarity that we are both extremely capable of. 

I love taking risks and embracing freedom. But in this case, I think we can continue to discuss the depth behind our decisions to show the purity of our incentives and provide healing. So our community loves you so much. Let’s keep this thing going in a healthy way. Okay, So that was selah speaking to Kanye. That was her reaching out to Kanye and Kanye, extending the action that they show they want to provide some concepts towards it so 

A young lady who is obviously not afraid to do what she wants to do a young lady who’s obviously in this industry and has a game on this industry, probably well beyond what we ever could imagine. 

Decided to do what she did. 

But I would love to hear what you have to say about this young lady’s actions in the comments section below, I would love to hear what you all think about my thoughts and what I thought about it. CEO of the brand PYVs, go to The official website  and for all the latest news stories and information


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