Los Angeles Police Department named  shooter in  Hip-hop artist PnB Rock’s killing

Legal documents are giving us new details about what led to the arrests and the killing of rapper PNB Rock. Freddie Lee Trone, who had been on the run but was arrested in Las Vegas yesterday and his 17-year-old son had been charged with murder in the death of rapper PNB Rock, although prosecutors say it was the teenager who actually shoot the rapper and killed him.

And today we’re learning more about what happened that fateful day Now. The timeline in the felony complaint says that Freddy Lee Trone met with someone outside Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffle just moments after PNB Rock and his girlfriend arrived.

Trone is then seen leaving, but he returned shortly. This time. He’s with his 17-year-old son, who was reportedly armed with a gun and drops off a short distance away from Roscoe’s The team, then walks into the restaurant and goes straight to the table where the rapper and his girlfriend were eating, pointing a gun at them, prosecutors alleged and saying, quote. Give me all of your jewelry now.

The timeline then has the team shooting PNB in the chest just like that, and after he fell to the ground, prosecutors say the team shot him two more times in the back. The felony complaint goes on to say the teenager then pointed that gun at Pnb Rock’s girlfriend Steph saying, Quote. “Show me your hand and give me that blank right now. “I swear to God, I shoot you in the head”.

The team then took her jewelry, but it didn’t end there. The complaint went on to say that as the rapper lay dying on the floor, the teenager walked him to taking his chains and watch and even pulled his rings off of his fingers. The timeline ends with the father and son driving home, but prosecutors say they parked blocks away and walked off with the team disposing of issues and shirts along the way. The felony complaint makes no mention of the now infamous social media posts from Pnb Rock’s girlfriend that tagged them eating at Roscoe’s Although police say they are still investigating

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