Sha'carri Richardson at US Olympics track and field trial 2021

On Twitter, USA one hundred and two hundred meter sprinter Sha’carri Richardson responded to homophobic and
yam head tweet.Below are the following excerpts

Sha'carri Richardson twitter's response
Shacarri Richardson Twitter

A declared sodomite calling a stranger “batty bwoy” ???? Me confirmed that you’re a yam head. Why yuh even going to the meet Saturday and it makes no sense? Later Shacyahrun,I’ll be watching on Saturday when dem drop yuh engine 

You know I’m at stranger to you right calling me a yam head ? Don’t call cry wolf now. I’m done entertaining y’all. Of course you gone watch, yall have great athletes running I hope you focus on their positive & stop with your hate . Be blessed

Dearest  Sha , please note that majority of Jamaicans love you . As a Jamaican myself & have been living in the USA for a number of years , it’s natural that I would support our own …,but yeah…., support you 100% as well . In short ,our music fraternity, sport bodies love you

Jamaica-haters are LOOOSERS. They are soooo bleep afraid you might beat Elaine!! Beat her!!! Make Jamaica cry!!

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