Shelly Ann Fraser pryce ran 10.67 to tie her previous world-lead at the Pars Dimond League
SHelly_fraser Pryce in Red

So far if you need to place in the top ten of the 100m, you will need to run at least 9.92 seconds, which is extremely fast in this event. As we see Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce ran the fastest 100m of 2022 at Paris Diamond League in a time of 10.67 seconds, which has tied her previous world-leading time which she ran a month ago at the Kipcano classic in Kenya.

Fraser Pryce always has been an exceptional starter and almost always has the lead over the opening 50m but to see her with so much speed over the final 50m makes it a real possibility That Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce could be one of the only three female athletes to run under 10.60 seconds.

Her current personal best is exactly 10.60 which she ran last year in Lausanne after the Olympic Games.
That was another stunning performance from Fraser Pryce as she was able to take down a very fit Elaine Thompson Hera
who had just won gold at the Olympics games.

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Given she is already proven herself as a constant sub-10.70 seconds runner, this 10.67 seconds is already fast enough to rank her as one of the all-time greatest female sprinters to ever compete. And her previous accomplishments dated all the way back to 2008, this time of 10.7 is unbelievable her 24th performance that was under 10.80 seconds which is by far the highest that any female athlete has managed to run in the women’s 100m.

Along with her amazing championship background, her unmatched longevity is her remarkable ability to improve as time has moved forward. and what is so shocking is that she has now achieved her top four times of her entire career either in the years 2021 or 2022. She has to be considered the favorite in the 100m in this year’s athletics World Championships.

And while there is an athlete such as Elaine Thompson-Herah could step up her game at the perfect time just as she did last season, it seems likely that ultimately Fraser Pryce will come out on top for 2022.
Given her 10.67 seconds followed by another10.67 seconds performance, it seems as though the current world Championships record of 10.70 which has stood since 1999 is likely to fall at this year’s World championships

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