Montego Bay Dancehall Producer Shab Don Arrested Over Montego Bay Triple Murder

From the inner city of Montego Bay, Jamaica Dancehall Producer Shab Don arrested Over Montego Bay Triple Murder.The producer who is one half of a very successful record company that has put out many hit songs In a ver short period of time, songs like any weather by Vibes Kartel a huge 2019 hit song,Henne and weed by TJ,Bad Mind by Vibes Kartel, Money Fever by Squash,World Government by Vibes,Kartel, Shub Out by popcorn and many other major hits. Many would have said he worked with Vibes artel extensively or that shab Don records has worked with Vibes Kartel extensively. The person is not the entire record company.

His father is the senior and is also a successful record producer who has produced records in the past for some of the biggest names of the yesteryear’s in the reggae music scenery. under his father’s tutelage that Shab Don became the maestro that he is today. But he is seen as or being portrayed by many as a violence producer or Someone that is heavily associated with gangs, the street life or better known as the underworld. As the headline reads Linval Thompson Jr, otherwise called Shab Don, has been taken into custody by the joint anti Gang Task Force. He was arrested in a targeted operation in Saint Catherine south on Friday, June 3rd and has been identified as a person of interest in a matter under investigation. Producer Shop Don Arrested in connection with ST James Triple Murder. somebody, I’m going to go off solid proof, not hearsay. Alright. So, according to the Gleaner music producer Lindvall Thompson Jr has been arrested in connection with last month’s triple murder in Rhodes Heights, ST James The Jamaica Constabulary force said that Thompson was arrested today by members of the joint anti Gang Task Force during a targeted operation in the ST Catherine South Division. Following preliminary investigations into several incidents.

The police had named Thompson as a person of interest in the recent killings.He is expected to be questioned in coming days,In the presence of his attorney. The police said The victims, 22-year-old Jevaughn Dove, a ramp attendant, 20-year-old Kirk Taylor, also known as ‘Chicken,’ and Romon Warlock, also known as ‘Brains,’ are all from Matches Lane in Rose Heights. A fourth man was also injured and is recovering at the Cornwall Regional Hospital. Those individuals were shot at a birthday party.

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