US authorities seize marijuana from Jamaican vessel

KINGSTON,Jamaica (CMC)-A massive marijuana haul valued at over US$6 million was made by United States authorities following a search of a Jamaican-flagged fishing vessel which was found near the Florida coast. The US Coast Guard reported that the drug was found on the “Captain Richard” which ran out of fuel and was adrift more than 200 miles from the nearest port in Key West….


US rum subsidies hammer Jamaica, other Caribbean producers

, Jamaica (AP) — Rum, the sugar-based liquor that has fueled the development of the Caribbean for centuries, has become the focus of an increasingly bitter dispute with the US. Small producers in countries such as Antigua, Guyana and Jamaica complain they are being punched by unfair trade and marketing advantages for global beverage corporations operating in US territories, and say US rum subsidies threaten to drive some beloved top-shelf Caribbean labels out of business, or force them to sell out…..


Stealth destroyer, at over $3 billion apiece, is US Navy’s latest answer to rising China

A super-stealthy warship that could underpin the U.S. navy’s China strategy will be able to sneak up on coastlines virtually undetected and pound targets with electromagnetic “railguns” right out of a sci-fi movie. But at more than $3 billion a pop, critics say the new DDG-1000 destroyer sucks away funds that could be better used to bolster a thinly stretched conventional fleet. One outspoken admiral in China has scoffed that all it would take to sink the high-tech American ship is an armada of explosive-laden fishing boats….



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